Rollin’ with it


Thesis has been super stressful but I’m really thankful for my Jemie who always makes sure I take breaks and is a constant source of delight in my life. She’s super smart, fun, sassy, and sweet. HAPPY 9 YEARS to the best dog one could ask for.

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Happy Holidays


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Tacky Christmas Pizza Party


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MayaLee_previewThis is a still from a stop motion video I created showing various projects from my first year at SVA. The video is a sort of commercial for my work and represents my serious, curious, and playful attitude. 1.)Viles from my “Happiness” book set 2.)Self-portrait posterĀ 3.)Imitation is Empty poster 4.)Mini pinatas that represent a 6′ black cloud pinata I made for a friend 5.)How to hail a taxi 6.)Accordian book set 7.)A zebra on a taxi 8.)Yes, that is Chris Hansen (from another video project).

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Still Open


I thought it was about time to change my homepage graphic, but I’m really going to miss my “open” sign. I plan to make some changes to my site in the near feature, mainly updating the functionality while still keeping the look pretty simple. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later.

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A Product of Delight


Allan Chochinov, partner of Core77 and one of my professors from last Fall, is heading up a new MFA program at SVA called Products of Design. I think I have an unintentional theme of “delight” in my work so I was really flattered when they asked to feature one of my products on their homepage. More here.

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Tough Love


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What’s the story?


A few of my illustrations for a multi-parted book assignment. View the full setĀ here.

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Pump. It. Up.


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I just added these beauties to my collection :)

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